Rodney’s Oyster House

Located in Gastown in downtown Vancouver, EJM Construction has partnered up with Equinox Development Inc. to renovate an existing restaurant facility into Rodney’s Oyster House 2. Parts of the existing commercial kitchen have been re-used to suit the new kitchen equipment and ventilation system that meets the NFPA 96 commercial ventilation system code and Vancouver building code requirements.  It was our duty to completely renovate a restaurant within an extremely old building, EJM demolished the entire interior layout to create a modern restaurant which included a new commercial kitchen, washrooms, bar and hostess area.  While EJM coordinated this project we had to ensure all kitchen/restaurant codes were met for the owner. The main goal was to create a flexible area for high foot traffic on a day to day basis without burdening the rest of the restaurant while creating a laid back atmosphere for customers.

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