How we do it


Pre-Construction Phase:

Upon award of each project, the team at EJM Construction will meet to review the tender documents and scope of work. During this series of meetings, our project team will ensure that each sub-contractor’s scopes of work are complete and that all the appropriate project documents have been received. This stage in the delivery of a project is absolutely crucial for it to be successful.

Tender Phase:

From the moment we receive the tender documents, our estimating department meets to review them. EJM implements a tendering process, breaking down each component of the scope of work, and from there we determine the appropriate sub-contractor’s based on a price vs. quality comparison. On certain occasions, EJM deems it beneficial to our clients, from a financial perspective, to conduct specific scopes of work in-house, rather than to sub-contract out. Over the years in the construction industry, EJM has developed strong working relationships with several sub-trades and suppliers which allow us to receive the best pricing available.


Upon reviewing the contract documents and identifying the project’s needs, EJM Construction will prepare a detailed schedule for the project. The schedule will be developed using Microsoft Project. This software is a time based scheduling program which includes critical path method planning, lead/lag time and major milestones. Our project team will maintain the project schedule and will continually update it as required.

Construction Phase:

For the duration of the construction process, EJM Construction will oversee regular site meetings with the entire project team and trade contractors. Detailed meeting minutes will be obtained and distributed to all parties. Our personnel will conduct recurrent and meticulous inspections of the work at all stages of the project to maintain quality control for all aspects of the project. EJM Construction Management will make certain that the appropriate consultants are informed when inspections are required and all reports will be forwarded to the project team and applicable trades. Daily construction reports will be developed and our onsite staff will coordinate all trade contractors to ensure work is executed as per plans/specifications and ensure work proceeds according to schedule.

Project Closeout:

EJM Construction will perform a final deficiency inspection preceding the final walk-through with the consultant team. The deficiency lists, complete with scheduled completion dates, will be distributed to each trade contractor. Deficiency holdback amounts will be established to ensure the project is completed as quickly as possible. As-built drawings and operation and maintenance manuals will be developed. A detailed demonstration of all operational systems and devices will be completed with the users and the facilities department.

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